Objectives and Policy

Quality Policy

The Maulana Azad College will bring in a new era of the community and society established on a sound foundation of basic education from which the citizens of tomorrow fulfill their responsibilities to the nation with acts of excellence that will make our institutions proud of their existence. Maulana Azad College educates the masses and develops the human mind through excellence to bring social contribution and responsibility in all activities of life for its staff, students and community at large.

Quality Objectives

  • To provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research.
  • To provide higher education to all students from different sections and background in general and minorities in particular and to make them self reliant and     disciplined.
  • To ensure the overall personality development of students through extra curricular and co curricular activities.
  • To organize various extension activities for cultivation of democratic and human values.
  • To transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfillment of the changing needs of society in the process of modernization.
  • To provide the opportunities for higher education towards upliftment and empowerment of pupils from backward areas.
  • To foster in students the spirit of nationalism and esprit-de-corps.