Government Aids

The following Financial Aids under various schemes of the Government of Maharashtra and Government of India are also available to the students.

State Government

  • 1. E.B.C. Concessions.
  • 2. Freedom Fighter Scholarship and Concessions
  • 3. Concession in fee for girls students ( Girls Freeship)
  • 4. Open Merit Free Studentship to Non-Backwards Classes.
  • 5. Educational Concessions to the Children of Primary School Teachers
  • 6. Educational Concession to the Children of Secondary School Teachers.
  • 7. Merit scholarship in Mathematics & Physics.

Government of India

  • Government of India Scholarship to Reserve Category Candidates.
  • National Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship to the Children of Primary & Secondary Teachers.
  • Science Talent Search Scholarship
  • Minority Scholarship facility
  • Scholarship for Handicapped
  • Defense Service Personnel Concessions