Faculty of Science


Aurangabad is the third largest industrial city in Maharashtra. There is a great demand of persons trained in Electronics due to the present state of industrial control instrumentation. To cater to the need of this commercial field, college is running Electronics as one of special subjects at B.Sc. level. Bhahba Commission, Sethna Commission and Sodhi Commission appointed by Government of India stressed the vital role of Electronic technology and its importance in industry. As a result Government of India has developed free trade zones for electronics industry at Mumbai and Khandala and some other places in India. Aurangabad being close to these places the ancillaries are having presence in the MIDC areas of Aurangabad.


Microbiology is a branch of Science that details with the study of Microorganisms. Some of the Microorganisms are used for special industrial purposes. Number of well-known antibiotics are mainly extracted form the Micro-Organisms through the study of Microbiology drug industry, tanning industry, dyeing industry are some of those industries which are based on the knowledge & study of Microbiology. Present trend of industrial Microbiology, is based on fundamental study of Microbiology, solution to the problem of pollution needs study of Microbiology; and hence is of immense use in Medical sciences.

Industrial Chemistry

Aurangabad is one of the fastest developing industrial hub of Chemical and Pharmaceutical of the country. Hence many industrial units have been established in M.I.D.C. area of Aurangabad, which enjoy many concessions from both the Government of Maharashtra and Government of India. In view of the college has introduced this course to meet the demand of Chemical Engineers. This course is spread over three years and its syllabus is equivalent to that of bachelor of Chemical Engineering. This course covers the basic principals of Chemicals Engineering, alongwith other allied subjects.

Computer Science & Application

The introduction of Computer in the Commercial arena has given a boost to the Computer industry. The last decade witnessed a spontaneous growth of Computer in industry both in hardware and software . This ultimately created a heavy demand for the specialized personnel in both the fields. Keeping in view the changing trend in education, the college introduced Computer Science as optional subject at B.Sc. & B.Com. level. The college has established separate computer laboratories for computer science, computer application, E-commerce courses etc. to provide the adequate training to the students.


Geology is a branch of applied science that deals with the study of the earth organization such as GSI, ONGC, IBM, MECL, coal India limited, etca are engaged in prospecting and exploration of earth’s natural resources similarly state Govt. Dept. Like, GSDA, DGM, Irrigation are also engaged in the exploration and conservation of natural resource. Large number of geologists are likely to be recruited in 2005-2006 Geologists are recruited every year by all the above department apart from various private companies who need the help of Geologists.


It is emerging area connecting life sciences and the technology. Last two decades have seen convergence of various branches of science to yield some of the extremely unexpected results. The course offer excellent opportunities in the field of industry and research globally.

Commerce & Management Science

The Globalization and Liberalization of economy resulted in emergence of new opportunities in the field of Commerce & Management Science. Keeping these changes in view the College has introduced various courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level in Commerce and Management. The department is offering B.Com., BBA, B.Com (E-Commerce) at undergraduate level. The department also got recognization from ICWA, India as oral coaching centre for CAT course. UGC has granted COP certificate course in Accounting with computers.
The department also offers Master of Personnel Management (MPM), DBM and M.Com. course.